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We are a wholesale provider of premium, certified organic, and ready to use date paste, selling to businesses throughout the United States. We supply our date paste to bulk users, such as restaurants and bakeries, and also retailers that would like to supply our product to home cooks throughout the United States.

Our team works hard to create a high quality product that you can trust. That’s why, unlike most manufacturers, we never use returned and unsold dates to make our paste; only plump and fresh whole dates. We also don’t use any additives or preservatives in our date paste, just a single ingredient: dates! Read more about us and find out how to become a DateME retailer or to make a bulk purchaseWe are also available on Amazon for individual orders or bulk orders!

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The Dr. Oz Show logo - Dr. OZ talks about the benefits of date paste

Dr. Oz introduces date paste as the “It” sweetener of the year!

Find out why Dr. Oz and nutritionist J.J. Smith think date paste is so special! Click here to watch the video starting at the 30 second mark.

DateME date paste is simply pitted and puréed whole fresh dates. We do all the hard work to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.  Our date paste provides a delicious brown sugar flavor with the added nutritional benefits of natural fiber found in whole date fruit. We suggest using it in your baking, smoothies, energy bars, and as a substitute for sugar in your daily sweet and savory sauces or dressings. Or simply eat it with a spoon!

Try some of our recipes and see for yourself!

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DateME Wholesale

We provide wholesale prices to bakeries, restaurants, food manufacturers, and all bulk users of date paste in the United States. Place an order or get a quote.

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Retail Partners

Does your business sell to home bakers? DateME is the ideal partner to supply you with a healthy alternative to processed sugar. Give your customers better options!