Date Paste FAQ

Date Paste Frequently Asked Questions

What is in your date paste?
We make our date paste with only a single ingredient: dates! Most date paste manufacturers make their product from the market returns of unsold whole dates or expired dates that are not fit for retail sales, essentially creating a new product from old. We will never do that; we use only fresh, select dates. Our vacuum packs ensure the freshness of our date paste without the need for any additives or preservatives.

What types of dates do you use?
We make DateME date paste with Ruzaiz and Khalas dates. Ruzaiz dates are well known for their soft texture and distinct flavor similar to brown sugar; this flavor is ideal for baking. Khalas dates are famous for their rich sweetness. There are no other ingredients in DateME date paste.

How do you make your date paste?
We buy our dates as soon as they are harvested from date farms that are local to the manufacturing facility. The dates are stored in chilled facilities to maintain their freshness. We then put our dates through a sterile blanching process that softens the date fibers. The process ends with pitting and grinding the dates into a soft and smooth purée which we immediately dispense into vacuum sealed packs of 1 kg each. The packs maintain the freshness and softness of our date paste.

Is your date paste organic?
Yes, DateME date paste is now certified organic!

Is your date paste good for people with dietary restrictions?
DateME date paste is a single ingredient product which contains only dates. This makes our date paste appropriate for those with allergies or looking to eliminate additives in their food. Our date paste is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, paleo friendly, and contains no added sugar. It is also rich in fiber, nutrients, and natural sugars, making it a healthful addition to anyone’s diet.

You say your date paste is gluten free. Is it made in a factory where it does not come into contact with any gluten containing products? What about nuts, eggs, and dairy?
Yes, DateME date paste is manufactured in a single ingredient facility where it does not come into contact with any gluten, nut, egg, or dairy containing products.

How long does your date paste keep?
The natural drying process at the high temperatures of the desert makes dates a naturally dried fruit. Like any dried fruit, date paste has a long shelf life. DateME date paste can last up to six months in an airtight container in a cool dry place and up to one year when refrigerated.

My date paste is grainy with white specks in it. Has it gone bad? Is it safe to use? Is the graininess from ground up pits in the date paste?
Your date paste has not gone bad and is not full of pits. Your date paste has just crystallized. Crystallization is a natural and uncontrolled process. Similar to honey, date paste contains more than 70% sugars and less than 20% water, meaning it is a naturally unstable super-saturated sugary paste. Therefore, over time, almost all pure date paste will crystallize. During crystallization, glucose sugar, which is white in color, separates from water and becomes a crystal, while fructose remains as a liquid. That is why crystallized date paste becomes grainy and sets at a lighter color.

Does crystallization affect the quality of date paste?
Crystallization has no effect on the quality of date paste. It is a natural process and an attribute of pure natural date paste. In fact, if date paste does not crystallize over a period of time, that often indicates that the date paste has been diluted or has had preservatives and other components, such as oil, added.

If my date paste has crystallized, how do I return it to its smooth state?
To return date paste to its smooth, nongrainy state, simply add a small amount of water to the date paste and place it over a warm water bath of about 40ºC. Leave it on the water bath for about 15 minutes or until the granules have dissolved. It is recommended to store date paste at room temperature in an air-tight container. Refrigeration is also an option but is not required, particularly if a pack is unopened.

What is the nutritional content of date paste?
Date paste contains natural sugars mainly in the form of fructose and glucose, thus making it a natural sweetener that can be a healthy alternative to regular table sugar in baking and cooking. It is rich in dietary fiber and protein, and it also contains a significant amount of iron and calcium. It is an ideal food for daily consumption.

How many calories are in date paste?
There are 190 calories in ¼ cup of date paste.

How do I use date paste instead of sugar in my recipes?
Substitute one tablespoon of DateME date paste for every teaspoon of table sugar in your baking and cooking.

How do I get a copy of your COA (Certificate of Analysis)?
To request a copy of our COA, click here.